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In the year 1932 at the City of Cebu, Philippines the origin of DOCE PARES Combat Judo Club was founded by the legendary grand master FELIMON "momoy" CANETE, who lives peacefully at T. Padilla, Cebu City, Philippines. He personally brought the requirements for a formal registration of the said club at the Council of Cebu City. He strictly given the discipline and principles to just a selected member who has the attitude that could keep always the discipline well, stable & especially the agony of pain policy.

A certain fellow who's named SOLANO "Lanny" BAYALE has passed all the required requirements as a member and who's successfully well trained and now has given the authority to shared training and also prescribed the Grand Master of the National Combat Judo Club (NACOMJU). Grand Master Solano "Lanny" Bayale has fortunately worked abroad at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an Electrical Foreman. Without any wasting of time, he raises the Doce Pares Combat Judo Club in Al-Khobar, KSA Chapter. As the time goes by, he slowly enhanced the Doce Pares principles and disciplines. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances and complications between these chapters (Al-Khobar KSA chapter and Philippines recent club) rises. So without any disappointment on both sides Momoy conceded on Grand Master Solano "Lanny" Bayale supported with his well trained Chief Instructor EDGARDO "Egay" LARA to form a newly named club with the enhanced principle and disciplines.

In the year 2000, they succesfully raised the new club National Combat Judo Club (NACOMJU) in the Philippines and having chapters in Al-Khobar and Hofuf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In Jeddah, Grand Master Instructor Frank Solitario started and continue giving lesson to some OFWs who got interested to learn Combat Judo.  As of now rigorous training is on-going in Saudi-ABV company and King Faisal Naval Base headed by GMI Frank Solitario.


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