Standing from left: Webmaster Alex Domingo, Rudy Macalla, Simeon Esguerra, Chief Instructor Frank Solitario, Ramon Valencia, Vergilio Domingo, Dominador Valenciano, Rowel Ulep & Carlito Menez.
Sitting from left: Nelio Gusto, Rogelio San Pedro, Venancio Telebrico, Felix Sarmiento.

National Combat Judo (formerly Doce Pares Combat Judo - KSA) - Is an art of self-defense discipline & known as an empty foot & hand fighting technique.

The term 'Doce Pares' is a Spanish term translated into English to mean 'Twelve Pairs'. This term 'Twelve Pairs' has been given several meaning to it. One refers to the twelve basic strikes that are common to most Eskrima styles and schools and thier twelve basic block and counters to these strikes. Another more romantic explanation is of the reference to the twelve pairs of 'Compadres', the bodyguards for the King Charlemagne and how the club should emulate the friendship of these warriors.

Eskrima is a Filipino Martial Arts known for lighting fast movements utilizing weapons (sticks, knives, sword, dagger & juggle range) as well as empty hand trapping and striking technique, including takedowns and locks.

Combat Judo otherewise known as Dumog is uniquely a Filipino style of self-dfense, that is based on surprise, sudden, quick, abbreviated movements to disable one's opponents. Guns were scarce during World War II; hence, the hands and the feet were developed to become the unexpected deadly weapons in order to survive.

The founder and grand master of combat judo, Processo Dahildahil was a native of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines. He was a dignified and principled man throughout his life. He lived a peaceful life until world war II when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. He joined the guerillas to defend his country and his family from the atrocities of the Japanese occupation. During this period, he perfected the art of hand-to-hand combat and taught his fellow guerillas to fight the Japanese. After the war, he taught some elite members of the Philippine military.


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